Mission Statement

The drive behind this publication is to showcase the incredible talent the brilliant minds roaming the UT Tyler campus have to offer. This magazine connects each individual voice to that of its brothers and sisters in the arts everywhere. It boldly states:

We are here and no longer will we hide in the shadows.

Join us as we cast light on the writers, artists, playwrights, and photographers of today and tomorrow.

Here to illuminate your work

Important news

Volume 3 will be released soon, so stayed tuned to see the amazing work our contributors have shared.

Submissions for Volume 4 of The Patriot: Inspired Minds Literary and Arts Feature are now open! The deadline to submit is currently Monday, March 1, 2021. Our submission guidelines have been updated, so please review them carefully when submitting. If you have any questions, email us at tpiminspiredminds@gmail.com.

~Inspired Minds Staff

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